Monday, October 25, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four

Here are four months worth of milestone photos, documenting Junah's birthday and his one, two, three and four month milestones.  One of these days I will get around to posting the birth story.  Man, how he has changed so much over these four short months!  When we brought him home he seemed so fragile, he had jaundice and his arms and legs were skinny.  For the first month, he would sleep on us with his legs bent up under him like a little frog.  He was a mimic from the start, he would stick out his tongue if we did so first.  He hated getting dressed, especially when it involved anything going over his head.

In month two he started babbling a ton, and started spitting or blowing raspberries and smiling about it.  It was much cuter than it sounds, I promise.  In month three he started to scream, the squeal I mentioned in a prior post, like a little piggy.  He does this randomly but much more so on the changing table.  He also started getting "shy", when Ram arrived home, he would speak to Junah who would promptly bury his head in my chest and then look back for more.  He also started to grab things with more intention and using his hands better.  He continued to work on his manual dexterity in month four.  I caught him looking at his outstretched left hand and then looking at his right hand as if willing his right hand to grab his left hand.  He also began grabbing his left toes with his left hand.  He has become super engaging and is a very happy baby boy. 

While a lot has changed, the one constant is that he still doesn't like any clothes going on over his head.  I have to post a video of that soon because it's very funny.  Until then, below are some photos.   

Two Hours Old
Two Hours Old
One Month Old
Two Months Old
Three Months Old

Four Months Old

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