Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remember When ...

Often, there are moments I want to remember but I know that if I don't go over them in my head again and again, I will most certainly forget them.  That's one of the reasons I started this blog; there are so many things about this kid I fear I will forget.  Here are a couple:
  • Yesterday we were skyping with Ram who is in Tokyo.  The baby was on my lap over the arm of the chair, facing the computer.  He started screaming, this thing he does where he is not crying, more like squealing.  Then he pulls back and heaves his body forward toward something (in this case his hand or the arm of the chair) and bites it.  I imagine it's similar to how a snake would attack a live mouse.  And it's hysterical.  
  • He has been squealing on the changing table now for some time.  When I put his sleeves over his hands or fasten the buttons on his shoulder, he squeals so loudly.  Sometimes it's so funny, I have to put my hand on his tummy to secure him on the changing table and just laugh.
  • Sometimes I walk around the house with him cradled in my left arm.  This is often the case because he prefers to be held.  He used to fall asleep that way all the time but now that he has more trunk control he is very alert and looks around.  He is now using that time to squeal and bite or suck on my shoulder (which is sopping wet afterward), attacking it like the aforementioned live mouse.  These days, he ever so rarely puts his head on my shoulder and falls asleep.
  • He just started grabbing his toes while I'm changing him.  He grabs his left foot with his left hand but hasn't quite mastered the right foot/right hand combo yet.  He's trying hard to accomplish both at the same time. 
  • Since he sleeps with us and I lay with him to put him down for naps, I have a ton of time to study him.  His little wrists are so chubby, the fold in the flesh from his arm just misses the fold in the flesh from his hand.  His velvety black eyelashes are so long and his skin is so soft.  He often pets my hand or arm with his soft little hand.  It's so sweet, even when it's sopping wet because he's been sucking or chewing on it.  I sometimes massage his feet and legs or stroke his soft hair/head to relax him until he falls asleep.  
I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home with Junah.  I just wish his dad could stay home with us.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

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