Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 Months

Junah went in for his 6 month check-up on December 13th and here are his stats:

Height - 28.5 inches (97%)
Weight - 21 pounds 3 ounces (96%)
Head Circumference - 46.5 centimeters (98%)

While he has not really had any "milestone" events, he's making progress that probably only I notice.
  • He's sitting up really well unassisted and topples over only when distracted by a toy or tired. 
  • When sitting, he is beginning to lean forward with such force that he lands on his belly.  Is crawling around the corner?
  • He's starting to try to flip over on the changing table, about to outgrow the space we have allotted there.  We are going to have to think of another solution or start changing him on the floor.  
  • He has been babbling nonstop. He screams, babbles (babababa while making a face like an old man with no teeth), and blows raspberries while making this high pitched scream/squeal.  It's all very cute.  Unless this is happening while you're holding him and on the phone with some customer service type individual.  ;)
  • Oh my god, he has gone from a laugh to a full out giggle and it's simply the most wonderful thing my ears have ever heard.
  • He is becoming all around more playful.  He interacts, grabs toys, laughs when you play with him and recognized the "I'm gonna get you" look from the corner of my eye.  the resulting giggle is precious.
    I'm sure I'm forgetting something but those are the things that come to mind.  He's at a really fun age where he is laughing a lot and interactive and not yet tantruming or whining and I'm really enjoying him.  I just want to eat him up: