Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Months

On November 15th, Junah turned 5 months old.  Here's what's new:
  • He is now able to grab both feet and get them to his mouth successfully.  It's so cute as you'll see in the photos below.
  • He loves the bath.  He's having more fun in the water and starting to splash around but still not thrilled with the resulting water in his face.
  • He has transitioned from just smiling to laughing and it just makes my heart sing.
  • He is beginning to sit up on his own when you put him down that way but topples over regularly.
Here are a couple pictures from his 5 month photo shoot:

Catch up - Cousins Meet

Junah has a cousin Maeve who is almost 4 months older than him.  She was born February 22 and he was born on June 15.  They live in New York so we haven't had a chance to get them together until now.  But they finally met and here are a couple pictures from their first encounter on November 12th.