Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 Months

While we didn't have a 7 month check up in January, I feel like Junah is getting heavier.  Since my last post, we celebrated Junah's first Christmas.  Unfortunately, we didn't get many good pictures.  It was really fun because Junah and Maeve got to share their first Christmas in New York at Grandpa's house.  Both of them played with the wrapping paper before becoming uninterested.  Junah definitely had limited patience for the whole endeavor.  Regardless, Christmas is so much more fun with a kid.  I hate to admit, I am a bit of a scrooge, not really all that interested in gifts and frankly, not very good at buying them or receiving them.  That said, the boy gives me a whole new interest in the holidays.  Am I over my scrooginess?  We'll see.

Here's what Junah has been up to:
  • While in NY, Junah had a chance to play with some of Maeve's toys.  He loved a couple of them which we bought once we got home.  One is a push down toy (not sure what else to call it, but will post a picture below) and the other is a musical drum.  When the drum's music went on, he started bouncing around like he was dancing.  It was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen.  Groove is in the heart!
  • He finally rolled over.  He rolled from front to back first and then back to front all in the matter of about a week.  
  • He's becoming increasingly more mobile.  While he mostly scoots and pivots on his butt, he is able to get around.  He continues to try to crawl.  He puts his hands on the ground and one knee down but can't seem to get the other one in position.  It's funny because if he's on the bed, he will take the "leap" forward and usually lands on his belly.  Somehow he knows not to do that on the floor until he's ready to commit.  
  • He pull himself up to standing now.  I put him in the crib while I was folding diapers and he pulled himself up to standing.  Last month he learned to get up to his knees but it's clear now, he's ready to be on his feet.
That's all for now. Enjoy some pictures:

Junah's First Christmas with Cousin Maeve and Grandpa

Junah tired of the chaos pretty quickly so he and Daddy are having a talk

Pensive after his nap

Then happy! (diaper hanging out and all!)

Junah's first foray into laundry basket territory

He loves it!

Back at home, Junah discovers his love for daddy's hats.

7 months old!!

And it's not quite as easy to take his milestone pictures anymore now that he's mobile.

Concerned about the sound coming out of the stereo

His new favorite toy since playing with Maeve's! He's goes to town and pushes down all the lids immediately.

Our happy baby

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